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Good and Bad highlights of FWA 2008

So I was just  going to do a big con report but that would've been looooong and boring. so I'll just highlight some good's and bads


-Meeting many of my favorite artists like Likeshine, Inali, and Sophie.
-Good first con for the most part
-Did A LOT of suiting
-Got a lot of pictures (still want more)
-Met Kage and 2
-Got sooooo many compliments on my suit :D
-Kage's Story Hour
-Hung out with </a></b></a>indi_jackal and </a></b></a>feroswolf the whole time
-Seeing Feros in Schadenfreude and being able to suit with him
-All the BEAUTIFUL art that i recieved
-Meeting a lot of cool suiters
-Meeting a lot of people I talk to on IRC, nice to be able to put the face to the nick
-LOTS of hugs
-Many people saying hi to me out of suit
-Hugs from the kids
-"Is that 2?"
-Helium in the fursuit lounge
-Running around randomly in suit
-Con staff
-Every time I went into the elevator by myself in suit there were always a group of mundanes in there
-Fursuit parade and picture
-Hanging with the RPGmag guys


-They need to have straws at all the water areas for suiters instead of just in the fursuit lounge
-Waiting for the 4 elevators
-People Scritching with nails
-Some sexual harrassment
-Hotel room was too hot
-Not enough con room
-Too many people sitting all over the con floor (kept running over people in suit cause i couldn't see them)
-Tooth falling out of Tank
-Kink in my neck from bending my neck so i could see in suit
-Suiters should come out more during the day
-Wasn't staying in the hotel so I missed a lot of things
-Didn't get to suit with some people that I wanted to

This isn't done, I'm sure ill be adding stuff.

If you have any pictures with me in my suit, please email to tankweiler@hotmail.com
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