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My FWA Experience

Hey everyone in the LJ community. I just wanted to say thank you to the entire staff that worked day and night for making FWA that awesome. Especially for my first time being there.  There were a lot of new furs that I've never met before and the ATL is that awesome.  The arcade room was epic with the arcade tables to select your own games on, plenty of flat screens and computers, DDR replica pads, and an over sized Beatmainia keyboard. It's been a good year that I've last been to a furcon, so it was fun roaming around the hotel and city in suit.  Especially being a part of the fursuit games and getting the St. Patrick's Day parade to stop and get pictures of us.  Talk about role reversal.  And the dances...words can not express really.  Though I've missed Friday's sets, Saturday and Sunday's were incredible.

Granted seeing that it's also your first year in the Westin, there were a couple flaws about the hotel, but very minor. Traffic could be a pain for first timers, ultimate suggestion is to be patient and find a garage that suits you best. Con area is kinda short, but it instantly reminded me of the MFF hotel at the old Westin 6-8 years ago.  Though not wide spread among the upper floors, still easy to get to and from panels.  Speaking of "to and from," going to restaurants was a breeze.  Granted there are more of a variety of them the further away you go, but got to get use to the locals, especially for first timers. Elevators? Though a long wait, not annoying as everyone may think.  FWA has 2 sets of 5 elevators. First set going to the lower half, and second set going to the upper half.  AC has only 6 elevators going to each and every floor. Factor the occupancy and there's your comparison.  The only thing left is the temperature.  For some reason the moment I dawn the fursuit, I instantly sweat within a couple of minutes.  I'm sure that turning off or cooling down the hotel floors might fix that little snag.  But it's nothing to get too edgy about.

I still appreciate the awesomeness of the FWA staff.  Not to many cons are accepting when it comes to unique raver gear.  My Glowstaff is always the talk of con from "Awesome shiny!" to "URMAGERD WERPON!" FWA are among the few cons that can allow my glowstaff to spin about responsibly during the dance.  For that, this feline's grateful.

My overall experience was definitely something to truly remember.  Especially getting the respectable high fives and fist bumps from other fandoms and hotel staff after prowling around the DragonCon hotels too.  Definitely worth returning to should I get the time and approval. *shakes fist at real life*

As a token for reading my post here are the pictures and videos I've taken while at the con. Somehow Photobucket likes to have the pictures you upload display backwards...meh.

*Hoping that I can enroll for next year*

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