Wild`Bill`TX (wildbilltx) wrote in furryweekend,

My FWA 10 photos are now online!

Check out my FWA 10 pictures at http://tinyurl.com/fwa2013

Or if that link doesn't work: http://s56.photobucket.com/user/jangleradio/library/FWA%2010%202013%20Atlanta

Thanks to Photobucket's new website all my photos are out of order. I didn't upload them that way and I hope they'll fix that soon, along with a way to download all my photos in a (huge 1.6 gig) zip file.

To DOWNLOAD a FULL SIZE PHOTO click on the Options tab, then on Download!
If you just right click - download you'll get a smaller 1024px version of that photo.

Feel free to upload these photos here on LJ, FA, Weasyl or anywhere else online.
Just give Wild Bill TX (thats Me!) credit for the photos! Have fun Viewing.
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Thanks Wild Bill. I posted a link to your pics on the Georgia Furs thread in the forums.
georgiafurs dot com slash forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4850

heya Wild bill (TX), thanks for uploading all of those photos. Really thanks for taking
video and photos at all the conventions. We really appreciate it, and looking back at the
fun and memories we've all shared. also i like your WBTX theme, its like you're a TV-station
or media mogle (whats a mogle ??? lol)... i think this fandom owes you a debt of gratitude
and recognition for your commitment to quality and quantitive documentation.

thats why when ever i see you at cons i always say hello~