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FWA con report!

Ah yes another one to add to the lot.

In case it wasn't obvious, this here be a con report ^^

Ok, ao FWA, the good, the bad...the...well... stuff ^^

Pros, I got to see my friends, and they Finally got to see me with a brand new smile! Something I have longed for to happen for..well a Very long time. This was NOT a shy kitty at all ^__^

I ran into this very lovely fur that I met at Ac last year. I had lost her contact info, which really did sadden me. So imagine my surprise when I saw her again with her husband here at FWA ^__^ THAT made me very happy, so a shout out goes to suzanner  suzanner I got to see my friends from savannah toraie , defeatdown bluehayze And a few others that I was very happy to see ^^

I got to room with one of the sweetest furs ever cajunkitty [Thank you so much hun ^^] and of course my tiggie jtigerclaw ^__^

Friday night was a blast as i hung out in the artist alley till llike 3 am with sleepiesheep [She's so much fun!] And I met some very lovely awesome furs that hung with us laughing_otter and his mate, and a few others that somehow I didn't get thier names :( but they were freaking AWESOME!

We got there thursday after a 4 hour busdrive, not a bad thing really, we hung out for a while, I saw my friends and made a few new ones then up to the room we go!

Friday was spend with me bebopping around and learning that the elevators SUCK. >,<
Saturday I went to the parade, met up with suzanner  suzanner Did that, got some cool piccies, and then during the Harlem Shake [UAGH!] I took that time to Daash back upstairs get out of suit grab my stuff and DASH back to the AA.

heheh yeah....Got a table, started to set up..and realized...FFFFFFF! I forgot my jewelry stuff! WTF!? Couldn't get a hold of anyone...but eventually I did ^^ and I did pretty good in the AA.

The best part? Was my first customer, who actually only regged to check things out [not a furry] she told me she wasn't gonna spend any money, but came back to my table, and bought 2 of my pieces! she said it was my...SMILE! Oh god..you have No idea how that made me feel! I almost cried right there! She didn't know my history or anything....for her to say that...warmed me up.

Lets see, after that I went to the room, i don't fully remember what happened, but I went to bed very early midnight....the next day though...sunday..I was hit with a very hard Low.

I didn't get out of bed until 3pm! It was BAD. I found out later it was an imbalance and couldn't be helped. [i'm going through The Change and being bipolar makes it doubly fun >,<]

BUT Nothing was gonna hold me back from seeing my sweetie perform! And i made it Just in time!
Let me tell you they were fucking AWESOME!

Here's a vid! They did the cover Worker from Drop Kick Murphys. So awesome!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SdBqdmA5cDA  (i think the link will work)

scape-goat did the bagpipes warrn did the base filling in for Camo ianmj91 on the drums twitchdawoof lead vocals and finally jtigerclaw vocals and guitar. I keep saying this but I couldn't have been more proud!

and they won first place!!! WOOT! Of course in the end there my adorable tiggie just HAD to be a ham! Cause he is. He's my ham ^__^

We did a lot of random things, from playing Cards against Humanity, to poking around and being silly! It was Loads of fun! And to those I didn't mention, please don't for a second think I've forgotten you. I haven't. you are all freaking AWESOME!


Yes we know..the elevator situation SUCKED ASS BAD! not just for us fursuiters though, for Everyone, con goers and regular guests alike. that is just a Bad situation and I'm sure it can be handled better some how.

The pool never being open..i know it's a nitpicky thing..but...i was looking forward to it.

The prices for Everything! Seriously? 22 dollars for a hamburger? what you think we are rich?! Uhh NO!
Look, we're furries, and that typically means poor, for whatever the reason. The hotel was nice, but I really think it was too "rich"
No matter where to go, the food was way to expensive. Sure there was hooters and hard rock cafe, but even They are a bit on the expensive side. Especially when you consider how much money is sunk into paying for the con, and travel.

The con being spread between four floors was a bit confusing.

No maps, or anything of that nature to help us maneuver around. I mean it was Everyone's first time at that hotel, It wouldn't have hurt to have a little map like they do at any other convention. Instead we get thrown into the lion's den.

While the hotel was larger, it felt so very cramped. There was no real place to hang out. You couldn't do it outside, because you'd be right on the streets of Atlanta, or in the way of the valets. The walk space was narrow and rather suffocating. And like I said, there was no place to hang out.

Now, I was informed in another journal that there was another headless lounge. Well, color me hot! I sure as hell would have liked to have known that bit of info! Again, a map would have been nice.

There is a few other little things but meh.

Now, I Do understand that this was the first year at this hotel for this convention, and it's a learning experience.
Though I wasn't planning on coming back next year if it Was there. but looks like I am ^^ ahh that's ok, I'll give it another shot. Maybe next year things will be a little smoother ^^

All in all I really did have a good time. maybe not the Greatest, but it was fun ^^
Lets see what next year brings!

Oh! Also if anyone has any pictures of this adorable lil snowmew? That would be Great!
I&apos;m Ready

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