wubscaribou (wubscaribou) wrote in furryweekend,

Head Refurb?

Does anyone here do refurbs? I don't even know if it's worth the refurb at this point. x.x Cast on a resin base, resin is a bit thin than I think it's supposed to be (but I don't really know resin.) Not properly hinged (I don't even want the jaw to move, but it'd be nice if I could actually get a straw in the mouth,) glued seams, hard nose (I want a soft one) and possibly a slight change to pattern, head has no padding inside either and is slightly uncomfortable to wear (that's probably something I can fix), and is a bit big.

Pretty much what I would need done is all new fur, new nose and someone to either hinge the jaw or make it static but slightly open.

If it's not even worth the refurb, let me know too.
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