MLP meet up and sing along

As most of you know FWA is right about the corner and that means that a lot will be going on that weekend.  Among other things, FWA has it's number of attendees that fall under the brony category.   As we all know, 11 year old Michael Morones is in the hospital holding on for his life.   This is all due to bullying because he likes Pinkie Pie and the show.

So what I was planning on doing was thinking of having a meet up where all of us bronies come together and sing songs from the show.  Even further, I most recently started my own video blog series.  One of the areas that I like to cover is all things MLP.  So I thought we could come together and cover

1. The effects of bullying
2.We sing songs
3. Show off artwork
4. Maybe have a talent show

If you are interested, please, please, me via furry affinity @ Summershy
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I feel so horrible! At FWA I had an artist make a badge for me of my dragon/cat, Phineas, and I can't remember that artist's name. The artist had a table in the dealer's den located next to 2 Gryphon (facing the table as a buyer, artist was seated to his left). He actually dragged me over to point out the awesomeness of her art.

Can anyone tell me the artist's name?! I just want to see if they have artwork posted online and watch/stalk them. I really did like the art they had displayed at FWA.
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Head Refurb?

Does anyone here do refurbs? I don't even know if it's worth the refurb at this point. x.x Cast on a resin base, resin is a bit thin than I think it's supposed to be (but I don't really know resin.) Not properly hinged (I don't even want the jaw to move, but it'd be nice if I could actually get a straw in the mouth,) glued seams, hard nose (I want a soft one) and possibly a slight change to pattern, head has no padding inside either and is slightly uncomfortable to wear (that's probably something I can fix), and is a bit big.

Pretty much what I would need done is all new fur, new nose and someone to either hinge the jaw or make it static but slightly open.

If it's not even worth the refurb, let me know too.
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Have you seen this hyena??

Hey there everyone! I went to FWA (As usual, lol), and got to suit a bit. I know a few people snapped pics (There was someone outside the dance on Saturday I know, and a few other folks.), so I wanted to see if anyone could send those pictures my way.

This is the suit in question: pjresize

Would love any pictures you could dig up, I was wearing different clothes at different times, this was just my pajama time outfit, lol.
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FWA 2013


TL:DR Version

Look @ the hilarious "Brine Jr's FWA Adventure" photo collection
(only 46 images, really quick browse)
*Mature audiences 17+ suggestive themes*

Additional FWA images (non Brine jr) - all audiences:

2ND BEST FWA for me personally.
BEST FWA as far as amount of parties and EPICness of parties.

the elevator situation wasn't really that bad.

the hotel staff were really nice, although uninformed about what was
going on in the hotel/policies etc, compared to the horrendous staff
AT BOTH versions of the Sheraton FWA was hosted at in the past is was a
breath of fresh air.


its funny how many trash on this hotel, but SERIOUSLY which of the
previous hotels did you honestly like better ?
the Sheraton with the Stairs of doom ? (tumbles the stairdragon)
don't forget, there were no resturants within walking distance...

the Hilton ? Retarded expensive for mediocre rooms

the "newer" sheraton with 2 towers (north/south) that literally
split the con attendees in half, and had ZERO cell reception
in the con space because it used to be a PARKING GARAGE and is
95% steel and concrete ?


this isn't much of a con post (i know) but the REAL journal entry is
on my FA
gotta give you a warning, its SUPER Long, but it does have a lot
of shout outs =3