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My FWA Con Report!

What can I say about a great convention that gets bigger and better each year…?  FWA 5 was the bestest, most satisfying furcon experience I’ve ever had!

I had a few tiny problems here and there (my camera got knocked out of my hands by a fursuiter I got too close to during the games and busted the auto-lens-cover – I got video to prove.  But I was able to repair it tonight with a little superglue gel and patience). But nothing really major happened that effected me from having a great time in Atlanta this weekend. Attendance went way up this year, but it didn’t feel bigger.

But I was happily surprised at some of the new things and events I saw this year, like the huge inflatable obstacle course that helped some furs burn off some energy and created lots of lulz seeing slipperypaw fursuiters get stuck on it.  The free poster is going on my bedroom wall, and the fursuit dance contest was a huge success (Neo should have won IMHO). I hope those events will be back for next year, and I hope the FWA staff will keep doing different things to surprise us.

I took 8 gigs (on 3 Super Digital cards!) of pictures/video because I had my camera set on “superfine” = huge high resolution pictures. But many look great. I just backed them all up on two DVD-R’s. (edit) They have been uploaded to my Photobucket site so check them out. For the videos I want to edit them like I did for MFM before uploading them, so it will take awhile to get that done. Its a slow tedious process to upload them one at a time to Photobucket (and YouTube).

Shoutouts would take 2-3 more paragraphs to cover everyone I met, chatted and partied with.. I just want to give virtual hugs and scritches again to mostly everyone for being cool-headed, friendly, positive and really pleasant to be around. I'm still learning a lot of about this crazy fandom after almost 5 years. Special thanks to all the Fursuiters for being patent while taking photos. You are the stars of every con and its a pleasure to photograph ya!

Little gripes/suggestions for the staff:

* Even with the COOL poster and large schedule, I still miss having a con book. Yes I do read it when I get home and keep them as souvenirs. BTW check out Megaplex’s digest sized con book if you want to print one on a budget.

* The video room was still kind of a mess…I checked it out there three times and all that was running was “Father of the Pride” and random short videos. (might have been just my luck)

* The main con suite didn’t have much in the way of food besides soda, water, cold cereal and the occasional cold cuts and bread (and no mayo?).

* For the auction – have pictures of the items displayed on the video screen like MFM does. Even quick snapshots with a camera would be helpful and might help get higher bids.

* What was the 30 min delay for the Talent Show? I wish more people would sign up to do it…there are plenty of talented furs in the south to have a long one like MFM does.

* Has FWA ever had a con theme (like "the fur east"..) ?..Just curious.

* And even with the take-out menu and lower prices the hotel food was still so-so (I had a soggy BBQ Soup sandwich) and the restaurant's service slow. I'm still disappointed with the "quality" service this Sheraton has and most of the staff's lax "who cares" attitudes. The housekeepers did a better job. They were very friendly, worked hard, and deserved my tips.

Yet honestly despite these minor hangups, I don’t think even attending other cons this year will top how much fun I had at FWA this weekend. FWA 5 was that damn good. Period!

And I thank Tiger_Paw, Kiran and all the FWA staff and attendees again for another furriffic time!


(See ya at MegaPlex, RCFM, AC (my 1’st time there) and maybe MFM and Oklacon!)
(Crossposted to my livejournal)

My FWA photos  - http://s56.photobucket.com/albums/g170/jangleradio/FWA%205%202008%20Atlanta/
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