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I love you, FWA. xD

So, my second year at the con, and I had a BLAST. First things first.

Fuego de Chao is the most awesome restaurant ever. Tiger Paw, and staff - oh my god, yes.


F*cking furries.

*cough* Ok, Back to normal now. I don't really have any complaints, for the most part - space was a little tight, but we WENT OVER 1,000 PEOPLE. WORSHIP THE NUMBER. So, yeah. We're growing like mad. Also, as far as the God Sweet goes - great, but the only issues I ever had there were with actual staff...ergh. Heard a lot of griping about other staff members, and there was one group that was just plain irritating and rowdy. Hanging out with staff is cool, but awkward when you're in that position.

Also, I've heard a lot of people complain about the mortal con suite - all I have to say, is that stuff isn't free. If you want to be treated like gods, go for God Level. Really - I mean, the basic con suit is just that, basic. If you have a problem with it - pay more, and you get more. Nothing is free, my friends. Tiger Paw can't pull food out of his ass for you for free. (Or for money, for that matter. I'm pretty sure his ass if food free.) I mean, they do so much for you - and you take for granted they should give you everything without you actually paying for a high level membership. That's just bull. 

Did I mention Fuego de Chao was awesome and orgasmic? AWESOME. GO MEAT FAUCET! Meat coma, take me now. (Their salad bar also rocked.) 

Also, the usual "PICTURES OF ME PLZ K THX" part of the post. I didn't suit, but still if anyone got a picture of me (Lobo Roo, had big tan kangaroo tail and blonde hair) or my partner (Rowan, wore albino racoon ears and tail, short black hair) I'd love them. Especially if you have us in our glowsticks, me with my glowstick cuffs, and her with her harness and bit. 

Also also: ALLON! We forgot to exchange e-mails. Anyone know how I can get in touch with my dragon chef friend?

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