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FWA con report. Now cut!

FWA was freaking awesome.

Before I delve into how the con went I would like to humbly apologize here to the FWA staff for being a little too harsh towards the con for a blah experience I had last time I attended.   I got a little carried away with my criticisms, and I apologize for that. This year’s con made up for all that and more anyways.

Anyways with the exception of a few small things *a few of them which the con doesn’t control anyways* FWA went perfectly.  A bunch of people came *over 1000* and everyone seemed to get along for the most part.  For how many people showed up the con seemed to be very low drama.  Or at least I didn’t see much of it.


I arrived around 10 30 or so Thursday night.  The con seemed fairly alive considering it was the night before it was to begin.  Sadly it being so late made it impossible to register, but I managed to at least walk around the hotel and chat with folks regardless of the fact I didn’t have a badge.


After a few hours of wandering around I eventually went to bed.  That night and every other night I was there I couldn’t sleep very well.  It did manage to affect my time at the con, but not enough that I wasn’t able to enjoy myself.


Anyways Friday morning I went and got one of the free breakfasts.  It was the typical hotel buffet, but for free it was pretty decent.  After stuffing myself on eggs I went to wait to reg.  I got there 35 minutes early, which was good as the line built up quickly.  After registering, I ran around checking out all the con areas.  Due to the fact that I had never been in that hotel before, I had no idea where stuff was.  In fact, I think it wasn’t until late Friday that I walked into the artists alley.


I want to say it was Friday when some friends and I went to an Indian Cuisine place.  I had always been curious of what Indian Cuisine was like and decided to give it a try.  The place we went was almost right next door to a gas station, so I was a tad apprehensive.  Despite this fact, I went ahead and tried it out.


I tried goat curry.  They did have chicken dishes but I figured if I want to try something new, why not go all out.

 When the food came out, the meat and sauce were in a small bowl, it also came with a small bowl of rice, and a small plate of garlic bread.  It looked tasty enough, but didn’t look very filling.  Boy was I wrong on the filling part.  The food tasted great, and managed to be very filling.  The folks working in the restaurant were very friendly and patient considering we were for the most part a bunch of clueless white people.  Overall, Indian food gets a huge thumbs up.


Sadly I did not go in the fursuit parade, as I was having dizzy spells Saturday and having to deal with the stairs outside at that time didn’t sound like a very good idea…especially when you consider all my damned quills would have bumped into people like crazy if I were crammed into the middle of all the suiters.


I really regret not just resting a few moments and trying it anyways, but better safe than sorry I guess.


I ran into a lot of old friends at this con, and made a few new ones.  I managed to run into Munart.  I don’t say this about too many artists, but he doesn’t charge enough for his work.  Managed to get two awesome pieces from him, which I will try to scan and upload as soon as I am able to.   Overall Munkart is a wonderful artist, and a wonderful person who I feel honored having been able to meet and actually talk with.


I also managed to get a Lykeshine badge.  I feel kind of bad because I kept getting told to come back in a few hours by her when I’d see how my badge was coming along because she was buried under commissions.  I mean she had at least a few pages worth *and each page had I think 5 or maybe 6 badges on it* of badges she needed to ink and color.  She also wasn’t feeling to well it seemed.  She’s definitely worth the money she charges as she has a very nice and cute style to her work.  And the glitter letters really helps give her art that little something extra to make it stand out.


Sometime Sunday a bunch of friends and I got together and decided to order pizza.  We ordered from this place called Best Pizza Company.  Firemane said with a name that ambitious, it’s probably either really good, or really bad.   Thankfully it was the first one.


This place was just amazing.  The flyer looked like a flyer from a Chinese place. They had a LAMB pizza, they sold not only wings, but half and full fried chickens, and they delivered to the area.  We ordered two meat pizzas, and one pizza with Lamb and mushrooms.  Oh my God lamb tastes so good on Pizza.  This place rocks.  Assuming FWA is in the same hotel again next year, I definitely want to return to the Indian place and to Best Pizza Company.  The Furry episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force also played that night.  Was one of the weirdest episodes to date.  They didn’t really seem to be ripping on the fandom too much other than maybe some playful ribbing.


Even though I didn’t bowl *my right hand has been giving my grief lately, so I decided it was best not to bowl*, I managed to have a blast just walking around taking picts and video clips.  A fur handed me his video camera and just told me to go nuts.  I tried my best, but with being tired as hell, slightly congested, and the place having a lot of people in it made it a bit of a challenge.


The Marietta Diner was also awesome.  It had decent prices, generous portions, and a nice taste.  I especially loved the little spinach pastry dishes.


I wish I could say more about the con, but my brain is fried.


Overall it was an awesome con.  To all you guys on FWA staff…you guys rock.  I definitely plan to return next year!


I would also like to say that FWA HAS THE POWER OF A 1000 SUNS!!!


Hats off to anyone who gets that reference.


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