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Well. I think that I'm awake enough to do this thing.

Got at the con around 12 ish, right before Atlanta lunch hour traffic started or was it after I don't remember. Anyway, I walked about the empty confloor for a few minutes, mentally noting wheres where and whatnot before going to the registration room and helping out Santa Fox box all those lovely looking God Level gifts. Seriously I was envious. Last year was a backpack but FWA themed glasses? Come on! xD Not much else to report on this day.. I met a few people as they walked in, and talked with Staff for a bit.. Then one of my roommates came and we could -finally- get our stuff out of the car. I suited for about an hour that night, just walking about and getting used to it, since this was the first con I actually had a full suit on. I think I did well! Oh and met my other room mate and made the best door sign eva!! ^.^

Oh and you jackasses that stole Jase's and Ayulf's door sign need to return those to me, and find a way to do so quickly. That wasn't nice at all. We worked hard on those signs!
The Valentine's Day dance was something to remember. I had a wonderful time at it, dancing with my sweet Shippy and one of the bestest friends of all time. <3 Happy V-day Indeed.

Anyways, I got up slightly early to go to opening ceremonies.. after that I went to Ruby Tuesdays with Husky to meet Dark Prime, Jezza and Lucky Wolf. Good times and laughter there. In between  that I was mostly suitnng off and on, taking plenty of breaks and all that. I did go through the inflatable thing. That was fun but with my suit the way it is, I was scared it was gonna rip if I played more than once. It was fun watching the others play though. The Furry Girl Pow Wow was intensely interesting. For those of you that I met there, thanks for coming! I flet SO alone last year and this year it was nice to glance around and see more things with Vaginas. lol
Jasie (Mini Jase, Jase with Boobs, whatever you called me) made another appearance Friday night. (And I need pictures of that if you have it!) She played about at the Critical Fail performance for a bit and pranced around the floor for a  bit. Beetlejuice made it extremely fun, having a mini dance off in the hall way and everything. hehe! After that, Zero Dog and I headed to the Bar and Grill (me in suit) and took some really cute and hilarious pictures. Good times good times. Hehe the dances were fun, and it was weird being back in Kaiya after that. xD LV suits are the fucking BOMB to wear. lol

Yay for the fursuit parade first of all. SOOO many of us. Oh and can I PLEASE ask that we aren't made to stand on the stairs for so long? The breeze was nice but not all of us have much room to take in air. Thanks.
Peaches and Rebelcat, thank you for being at the Dealers Den so I could come by and see you and have some awesome people to hang out with more often! ^.^ I was wonderful hanging out again and thanks for the tarot reading RK. <3
I missed the fondue social! I went by in suit and was offered some, they even set some aside for me to come back and get but alas I got caught up with suiting and all I didn't remmeber it until it was over. I'm sure it was great though.
Heh.. and yay for the dance competition. I didn't win nor was I expecting to but I had fun nonetheless backstage hanging out with the rest of the competitors. Foxglove, Neopantyger, and Duke FTW!!

Meh.. It was winding down at this point. Hung out with as many of my friends as I could and all.
Oh and the Happy Buddha tradition lives on! Thanks again for the memories and the fantastic time. You all know who you are and a VERY warm thank you to the staff of the place, who got a very well earned furry applause before we left. Great job guys.

Oh the sad goodbyes, but yay for one last dinner before getting on the road again.

Well there you have it or as much as I can remember at the moment.

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