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FWA Con Report!

Crossposted from my own Journal, and to appear momenatily on my FA journal

PREP DAY/Feb 13th

Not much of intrest here, really. Just kinda relaxed and did a few little things. I made stew and chili for the family before I left for Risu's house. I hung out with Manny and Tony as well. Got some stuff photocopied and laminated. Rather basic, really. After dinner I took the boys home and then went to Risu's house. We just hung out until it was time to go. We watched "Another Gay Movie" and looked around online. Eventually, we got our stuff together, loaded in the Van and then drove to the Airport for the first leg of our journey.

DAY ONE/Feb 14th

We arrived in Atlanta after long plane trips. Not much fun. We met up with Flain and Zim and hung around in the room for a few. Eventually we went and got booze and then Scry joined us once we got back and we headed out for dinner. We went to Joe's, which is just down the street from the hotel. It was a nice place, I remember it from last year. I got a Chili Burger that was quite good. I was really hungry, so it didn't last long. Risu got to see what Flain and Scry were like, and we all had a good time. We eventually got back to the hotel and relaxed a bit, then went to bed.

EDIT: Just a quick note, as I forgot. When we went to get our Badges that let us miander about the con, we were bumped from Attendee to Sponcer because we came from Canada! I thought was was really nice and super sweet! Thanks Tigerpaw and FWA Staff!!

DAY TWO/Feb 15th

First day of the Con! We all got up, Flain and Scry went out to get some stuff from Targe (Target) for Flain's cold. We were then introduced to Chik-fil-a. Oh my. Fried chicken on a buttered bisket for Breakfast. It was intresting, I'll give it that! It was pretty good, but I was also pretty hungry. Once that was done, we headed down and looked around. Lossa furs there this year! It was nice to see some them. We walked around Dealers Den and Artist Alley. I broke the ice for the Clawcast Table and gave them their first sale. Poor Flain maned the table all day mostly by himself. I suited up and walked around the con in suit for the first time. It was fun! I met Zuurgen (under a different name, but still started with a Z, I know him from Taps) and got to say Hi. He said Ty (another friend from Taps) should have been there, but I didn't see him or much more of Zuurgen for the rest of the con. Around 4 I had my panel, which was nice. More people then I expected turned up, and Allon brought Cookies, which was an awesome addition. Thanks again, bud! Everyone seemed to like my panel, so maybe I'll do it again next year. Once all of that went down, we went for dinner. Dun remember exactly where we went, but it was good, I'm sure. I believe Untitled was showen that night as well, but it may have been Saturday. Regardles, once the events of the night were done we turned in for the night.

DAY THREE/Feb 16th

Once again, Flain and Co went out to man the Clawcast table and prepare for the Live Cast. Amby and I hung around the room for a few, and then Scry and I suited up for the Fursuit Parade. My lord, it was warm. Lossa fun though to walk though the whole hotel like that. Just not a fan of the stairs. I'll cut in here to say there were some awesome suits this year. I liked getting to see the Lucario suit and the Goats. Once that was over, we all kinda went our own ways for a bit. I went to Clawcast's live show. Must say, they did an awesome job! The crew had a dinner plan with some other people, so we didn't eat with them. Risu and I went and had dinner with the new people she had met and we became friends with. Talka, Neko Akuma, Hazzard, Cerian (like Kerin) and another guy who I think was a tiger. Sorry I forgot your name! We ended up going to Ruby Tuesdays becasue the wait wasn't too long. Ironicly, Flain and Crew were there, and we sat at the table beside them. We had an awesome waitress and had great food. Once we got back to the hotel we all just hung out in Talka's room for a small party. Eventually once things wound down we went to bed.

DAY FOUR/Feb 17th

Sunday not much was going on. I took Risu to a panel for Fursuit Construstion and walked around the Dealers Den/Artist Alley. Scry wanted to get Sushi, so we went with her and Dragon Trap to Nikomoto's. I had pork post stickers and Tamango Sushi and we all shared some Green Tea Ice Cream. It was awesome! We got back and I went looking for comission badges, one of which I picked up, the other was being done by Anjel Kitty, but she got sick, so I'll see that one eventually. Flain and I went and talked to Shawn Blackthrone about a comission of our characters in a battle pose. Thought that would be cool. Once the con stuff was over, we helped Flain, Zim and Puc pack up the table and get Flain's stuff from the room and then helped them out to the car. I met up with some friends from last year and we went out for dinner while Risu stayed back and was gonna get food and hottub with Scry and DT. I heard that the pool was closed due to the storm that we had that day, so it didn't happen. We ended up going to Taco Mac, which was pretty far away, but it was very yummy. I got a burrito and mozza sticks, and tried Sweet Water Beer as Flain and Co were raving about it. It's not too bad! I brought some food back for Amby. While I was waiting for it, Flain had called and said something came up, so we weren't able to hang out the next day. Got back to the hotel, another room party at Talka's, then we said our goodbyes to them and went to bed.

DAY FIVE/Feb 18th

We were susposed to go to the Aquarium and Coke Factory this day, but since Flain couldn't come, we did some other things. Scry, Risu and I went to Targe (Target) and did some shopping. We got a buttload of American Grocery. We went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch, and then we headed out to the Zoo. OMG PANDAS!!!! I was so happy. We bought some stuff from the gift shop, and we then went though the exibits. The animals at this zoo were so close it was crazy! It was much fun. We then went to the Mellow Mushroom for some Pizza, which was also very good. Then we hit up Trader Joe's where I got Rootbeer from Heaven (the same one from Frostdemn's LJ icon) and Lambic. Then we huntered for a Kroger and found some other little goodies. We stopped at Sonic (YAY!) and I tried the Cherry Limeaid and a Banana Fudge Sunday. The Sunday wasn't as good as I hoped, but the drink was. We said goodbye to Scry, and then relaxed for a bit and hit bed.

DAY SIX/Feb 19th

Last day in Atlanta. We weren't sure what was going to happen. Flain was able to get some time, so we went out with him. We hit Targe and Chik-fil-a for some last mintue items and breakfast. We ended up going to the CNN building and had lunch with Puc. After that we went on the tour of CNN, which was really neat. Then we had some for a quick look around at the new World of Coke Museam. I found my beloved Sprite Ice! I had like 5 glasses. I was so impressed. Once Risu got her boyfriend some Coke Swag, we then left and went down town to The Junkman's Daughter. Wow, what a neat store. It's like a Mom n' Pop Hot Topic. Lossa retroish clothes and near trinkets. I got a Lucky Mouse. Then we went to Vortex for dinner. I got the Corenary Bipass. Burger with cheese, bacon and a fried egg. It was big, greasy, and oh so good. Flain was silly and got the Double one, which is the same except the bun is swaped out for Grilled Cheese. My goodness. He didn't finish. He then dropped us at the Hotel as he had to go to work, and we ended up double checking things, packing, and then after a night of lose and fail, we went to the airport once again to start our trip home.

So, for all of you who read though it, thanks for taking the time! Just to wrap things up, so quick shout outs: Risu, Flain, Scry, Puc, Zim, Mattias, Dagucoon, Zuurgen, Talka, Neko, Hazzard, Allon, and anyone else I met or hung out with: This was a Triumph. I'm making a note here: EPIC WIN! I had an awesome time. Here's for FWA '08! Can't wait for '09, FWOOO~~!!!

~*Artamis Snowpaw*~

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