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FWA:By Peaches

First, I'd like to thank the staff for being so great this year! You guys work so hard, and I really appreciate all the extra effort you all put forth into making FWA comfortable for us congoers.

Secondly, I'd like to thank the staff who ran the dealer's den this year.  I was extremely happy with the set up and lunch each day was awesome. I rarely leave my table when I'm working, so it was really nice to get drinks and a lunch each day.

I guess I'll post my con report!

Wednesday: Off we go from Port Charlotte, Florida! I was hoping to make it at least half way there. We stopped at 4:30 am somewhere in Gawgia (that's south Georgia....XD)

Thursday: We spent the first part of our day at Zoo Atlanta. We watched one elephant smack another one on the ass (and rather hard too) and we laughed at the lemurs that were trying to attack my husband. Oh! And the cute orangatan that covered up his head while the zookeeper threw fruit for them to eat. We were waiting for our southbound roomies to get to the hotel, and we waited....and waited. We got to see several furs who were coming in, so it was all good! We regretfully went to Bewby Tuesdays, and got awful service. I think we had the same waiter last year, and the service wasn't any better.

Friday: Set up in the Dealer's Den! We were soooo busy, but I was happy! :) I donated some Butt Hurt Bunny buttons to the charity auction, and I still dunno how that all turned out. Hopefully good. After the den closed, we ordered pizza and relaxed and played with Tarot cards.

Saturday: We were busy again!! My hubby started doing tarot card readings and was having lots of fun. Somehow, I got into doing "animated" conbadges. There's a video of one of them on YouTube. If you have one, or have video, would you please upload it for me!? I would also appreciate scans of badges or art that I did.  THANKS! After the den closed, my husband, me and a friend found some AWESOME italian place to eat in Atlanta and then when we came back, I had a group of furs hanging out in my room while my hubby was playing poker. Thanks for keeping me company, guys!!!

Sunday: I spent almost the whole day working on animated badges! I didn't think they would get the response they did! :p I really thank everyone who came by my table!! I had a great time doing arts and getting to know people. I also really appreciated the donations made to my jar for my tattoo apprenticeship. I got to see so many awesome tattoos this weekend! Right on! Sunday night, we went to Happy Buddha and took over the whole place. The service was excellent there, as it always is, and our waiters were left with a round of applause and piles of bills for tips. To those who got in on the Happy Buddha experience, you guys were awesome! Thanks for being on you best behavior to make up for my table! XD I hope everyone had fun!!

Monday: Breakfast, and a long drive partially home. We got stranded in Bushnell, Florida. We stayed in the NASTIEST hotel ever while we waited for a replacement water pump. We were finally home Tuesday night after this huge ordeal, but it wasn't too bad. I just missed my bed.

The only thing I could really complain about is that we all couldn't stay.
FWA: I love you. :)

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