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Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009: The Official Announcement

It's that time again! Time to get the convoy moving towards Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009!

Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009
The Con That's All About You!
March 19-22, 2009

Welcome to Furry Weekend Atlanta, a yearly "furry" convention for fans of anthropomorphics, held at the Hilton Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia! Now in its sixith year, Furry Weekend Atlanta is proud and thrilled with all that we as a con have accomplished in such a short period of time. We are once again happy to welcome back all our friends and fans to the convention as well as our new attendees, and have a lot in store for 2009. We have two wonderful guests of honor, many well known dealers and artists, a growing schedule of premium anthropomorphic events, and lots of events for fursuiters!

Furry Weekend Atlanta has recently completed the lengthy process of moving the convention to a larger space and different dates. This move will triple the space available to the convention; all rooms are larger and many (including the artists' alley) are significantly larger. We realize that you may have some questions about our move, which if why we have set up a special page for questions about Furry Weekend Atlanta's move to the Hilton and to March.

More than six months worth of work has gone into being sure this was the best move and that we got the best possible facility for Furry Weekend Atlanta. That is why we're happy to be at ...

The Hilton Atlanta

Ooh! Ahh!

Furry Weekend Atlanta is dedicated to providing the premiere gathering for fans of anthropomorphics. This con is all about you: the anthropomorphics fan! If you are new to "furry," new to conventions, or are wondering what this whole thing is about, we suggest you check out our About page which describes our interests and activities. We look forward to welcoming you this year!

Stay tuned next week for our official announcement on Guests of Honor.
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