February 20th, 2008


FWA 2008

FWA, was Awesome. Praise goes out to Tigerpaw, Kirin, TigerNick, and the staff and volunteers for this year. I arrived Thursday afternoon and everything went perfect from there. Illya traveled with me and we shared a room with Charles. Animecat was unable to attend the con and she asked me to be her agent in the art show. So first, I got her art set up and ready to go. Then, I got into suit and attended some of the Valentines Slow Dance. There was not much of a turnout for the dance, but I am sure it will be bigger next year. I brought a few Roses with me for my close Friends and also handed out a few to random furs. There were so many wonderful furs at this con as well as amazing and also familiar fursuits. The next 4 days are a blur of fun and suiting. I attended a few panels and added my two cents worth to each of them. Some of the ones that I remember were the Second Life Meet and Greet , Fursuit performance and First Con. There are so many people I could shout out to right now, but I will pass on that. Each of you know what we did and said. Photo under Cut.



This is me in suit. I really worked hard to give a better performance while in suit this year. I know this is rather unorthodox, but If any of you interacted with me at the con, I would Love your feedback on what you thought of my fursuiting performance.

I have calculated that I was in fursuit for a total of 24 hours

I love you, FWA. xD

So, my second year at the con, and I had a BLAST. First things first.

Fuego de Chao is the most awesome restaurant ever. Tiger Paw, and staff - oh my god, yes.


F*cking furries.

*cough* Ok, Back to normal now. I don't really have any complaints, for the most part - space was a little tight, but we WENT OVER 1,000 PEOPLE. WORSHIP THE NUMBER. So, yeah. We're growing like mad. Also, as far as the God Sweet goes - great, but the only issues I ever had there were with actual staff...ergh. Heard a lot of griping about other staff members, and there was one group that was just plain irritating and rowdy. Hanging out with staff is cool, but awkward when you're in that position.

Also, I've heard a lot of people complain about the mortal con suite - all I have to say, is that stuff isn't free. If you want to be treated like gods, go for God Level. Really - I mean, the basic con suit is just that, basic. If you have a problem with it - pay more, and you get more. Nothing is free, my friends. Tiger Paw can't pull food out of his ass for you for free. (Or for money, for that matter. I'm pretty sure his ass if food free.) I mean, they do so much for you - and you take for granted they should give you everything without you actually paying for a high level membership. That's just bull. 

Did I mention Fuego de Chao was awesome and orgasmic? AWESOME. GO MEAT FAUCET! Meat coma, take me now. (Their salad bar also rocked.) 

Also, the usual "PICTURES OF ME PLZ K THX" part of the post. I didn't suit, but still if anyone got a picture of me (Lobo Roo, had big tan kangaroo tail and blonde hair) or my partner (Rowan, wore albino racoon ears and tail, short black hair) I'd love them. Especially if you have us in our glowsticks, me with my glowstick cuffs, and her with her harness and bit. 

Also also: ALLON! We forgot to exchange e-mails. Anyone know how I can get in touch with my dragon chef friend?

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Hay hay! FWA!

I'll put in my praises for the con this weekend!
Getting back to reality has been a huge drag!

Anyone who got a ratatouille valentine... that was me :D

THANK YOU for everyone that stopped by to say hello! Sorry if I seemed a little put off. I just was nervous the whole time selling my stuff... So self conscious. And Saturday I was so so very tired :< Sorry if I put anyone out...

It was hard putting myself out there when I spend most of my time being a hermit :P

GREAT Con! A whole lot bigger than I remember (from 2005!) and I gotta say the swag was pretty cool to take home.

All the fur suiters were great! Lots of interesting costumes! I'll find somewhere to post my random photos for anyone to grab.

Thanks to everyone who came by my Artist Alley spot-wherever that may have been- and stopped to browse my work :3 Looking forward to next year!

Feel the rhythms.

Our vibrations shattered multiple layers of dimensional reality at this convention. Special thanks to everyone who came out to see what was up! I think we accidentally summoned an African war god of some nature... Reckon we'll find out if we're plagued by flaming arrows, poison darts and ebola con crud next year. :P
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bb kenai happy

FWA 08

cross posted to BJButtons. and furryweekend

I had a great time at my first FWA. Saw friends, made a few new friends, reconnected with an old one, got a GREAT piece of art in my new sketch book. It has been awhile since I was at a con where I didn't work in some way and I enjoyed that a lot. just being able to relax.  Thank you to the staff of FWA.
Also thank you to a a lot of other furs as well.

Panda Guy     for the balloons all weekend and Timber and Seaweed and everyone else involved in making that possible.  event tho I did not get any of the " special " balloons or more than 1 at a time I enjoyed what i did get.
Tilt                 for what happened between me and the fursuiters  that were out Sunday night and the attention that I got from Chestea and Grifier.
Mama Lama Devil    for the bear and balloons that were left in my room when I was out Sunday Morning.
and Herbie   for the BB hat and the fantastic sketch in my sketch book.. BTW I am worried about passing that book around now in fear of loosing the book and that sketch :)
And my friends who I hung around with at one point or another over the weekend, or went to dinner with.

I met a few new furs and friends this weekend as well and thank you to them as well.

I do have all of the pictures I took posted at my website


 I am also looking for pictures of ME. Either when I was out in Starfox, or BJ Buttons, or of my human form

Thank you!

Art Show staff was super nice and awesome which made early morning hanging that much better for my seriously-in-need-of-coffee self. Break down was also great. Thank you for putting up with my twenty-three things to keep track of. I'm sure its quite the horror on data entries. c_c;

Staff everywhere else around the con were awesome too. Always with a smile.

I loved the fact that the Artist Alley was open all hours. This made me very happy seeing as my day job is 2nd shift and its difficult to suddenly readjust to days after working closings all the way up until the con.

Thank you everyone who dropped by my key chain covered table! You helped seal the deal in my brain that, yes, little artsy knickknacks still have a place in the world. I think I sold a little over 40 of those things, which makes me ever so happy since they're amazingly fun to put together.

I have never laughed so much at a con. I had a blast. FWA FTW!

A great time at FWA

I would like to thank everyone who made FWA possible!! This was my first con ever attending and i never saw so many furries in one place before. it was a jungle out there! I will say tho, i dont think i had so much fun ever in my life. meeting new people and dancing all night long made it worth the wait. i can see my self attending FWA more times down the road, so look out here i come!

I have some Pictures  so check them out!

(no subject)

Finally back from FWA! Had a bit of an airport adventure in which I was delayed 5 hours.

FWA was the first furry con I ever attended three years ago, and it didn't disappoint this year! By far one of the most social cons I attend over the year, and some of the best staff all around!

Huge thanks to everyone that manged to find me in the Artist Alley and buy commissions. If you bought a badge and would kindly send me a scan, it would really make me day. My badges are signed on the back 'Skulldog 08'. You can fire off scans to Skulldog@gmail.com. I only had ONE badge that was paid for and not picked up. So if Izzy would like to drop me a line, I can get your badge in the mail Monday.

One final request, my first fursuit commission made it's first appearance at this con. I had a lot of photos taken Saturday night. Looking for shots of Gunner the Pitbull:

Send 'um my way. :)

PS: Everyone that ended up with Flu/Strep, get plenty of rest.

(no subject)

Does anyone have pictures of videos of me? If so that would be greatly appreciated.


Its in the works but sadly the greyhound station decided to keep my pc in ATLANTA instead of shipping it where its supposed to be. I'd like to slap that hoe down in tampa. ANYWHOOT! Its on its way, the forums that is, not my PC *cry*


Not con crud.

Gotta Be Like the Cool Kids...

and post my con highlights!

These are my favoritest things that happened at FWA '08 :)

1. Getting away with my hubby!
2. Having my head eaten by Oog! OM NOM!
3. Watching people's reactions to Scape!
4 Getting off the elevator in my sparkly shirt and hearing someone say, "DAMN! Look at THAT!" LOL At 31 it's good to know I've still got it. And if the "DAMN!" was for the opposite reason, please don't tell me and burst my bubble LOL.
5. Helping furs with aching backs, necks, and shoulders feel better!
6. Getting a hug from an adorable polar bear named Pudge. I hope I didn't get makeup in your fur, my friend! If so, it is of the 100% natural variety and should come out easily!
7. Getting hugs from lots of fursuiters!
8. My wonderful mini-massages from Tank! Thanks, buddy. You don't know how awesome that felt. :)
9. PIXIE STIX!!!!!!! I hadn't had one since college....
10. Meeting awesome new friends and meeting up with awesome old friends!
11. RAMA! You ROCK! Thank you for all of your hard work in the Dealer's Den
12. Teaching the massage panel. It was lots of fun.

And the bad stuff:

1. Working so much I missed a lot. I'll schedule better next year.
2. Sore paws!
3. The initial culture-shock of my first con that took too long to fade. Next time I'll know (and look forward to) what to expect!
4. Being too chicken to dance much. What's wrong with me? Did I get OLD??
5. The dork who came over to my massage chair and had the audacity to tell me he'd been kicked out of massage "parlors" for sexually inappropriate behavior. Thank you so very much. NEXT! (by the way, massage parlors are brothels. I work out of a massage STUDIO, thank you.)
6. I missed the dance competition! Wahhhhh! :'(
7. I was too shy to hug more fursuiters!
8. No food nearby, and being told by hotel staff that the parking deck was off-limits. Therefore, we were afraid to move our car and were limited to Ruby Tuesday, Joe's down the street, and the hotel restaurant which had LOUSY service btw. Good thing we brought some munchies.


Still nothing on You Tube

I still haven't seen my performance in the variety show up on you tube. I was hoping to add it to my LJ report about the con. If anyone has the variety act bit with the singing mouse, please put it on you tube for me. Thanks.
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Just a quick question

Well, this is a call for help identifying someone.

Saturday afternoon, in the inflatable obstacle course, I spotted someone a dollar to go through the course once. It turned out to be an artist/ He told me his name, but I can't for the life of me remember it. He told me he was going to do a picture for me, and told me he'd be in Artists Alley on Sunday. Sadly I never really got a chance to go there anytime Sunday. Sorry about that.

If you're this fur, or know anything about how to get in contact, let me know. As for a description, all I really remember is that he looked of asian descent. It was too noisy out there by that obstacle course for me to hear the name correctly. Any help would be appreciated.
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since everyone did it.... FWA 08 Pros/Cons


1. First con, woot!
2. Working with Filthy Rotten
3. Tiger Paw remembered me!
4. Seeing my ex (yes this was a pro)
5. Seeing Puppy, pawnce, landis, kesten.
6. Meeting reggie ( I dont know your fur name)
7. seeing all the fursuiters
8. The variety show
9. 2's stand up.
10. My tail!!
11. Misha's tail!
12. Learning who real friends are.
13. Eating at Joe's
14. being surrounded by such a wonderful, friendly community.
15 Riding in the elevator with Tumbles.

16. The poster by Bonk, I just got it in a nice poster frame, and it looks amazing.


1. Anxiety of the first con
2. Relationship misunderstandings.
3. The parking (though we never had much problem finding a spot, it was hard tonavigate the parking lot)
4. Letting anxiety mess up my fun/ and not being able to help volunteer as much.
5. Some of my close friends did not have fun at all, which made me sad.
6. Friends getting the cold/flu thing thats going around.
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(no subject)

Well ill fall in line

1. First con woo!
2. Scritches from Ariana and Techtiger
3.Hnaging out with my Furtopia and SL friends
4.Getting bit by the suiting bug!
6. Having people know my writings
9.Soo many hot people
10. One certian fursuiter who was soo cute in and out of suit...hehe i wont say who but it was white
11.Bawls...oh wait i said that
12.Hnaging out with 2 kage gideon and bonk
13. Sl meet and greet

those were in no particulat except the first 5

1. a few comments
2. waiting for elevators
3. thin walls between the rooms.

But the con Rocked!! I loved it
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Uh Oh

(no subject)

Well. I think that I'm awake enough to do this thing.

Got at the con around 12 ish, right before Atlanta lunch hour traffic started or was it after I don't remember. Anyway, I walked about the empty confloor for a few minutes, mentally noting wheres where and whatnot before going to the registration room and helping out Santa Fox box all those lovely looking God Level gifts. Seriously I was envious. Last year was a backpack but FWA themed glasses? Come on! xD Not much else to report on this day.. I met a few people as they walked in, and talked with Staff for a bit.. Then one of my roommates came and we could -finally- get our stuff out of the car. I suited for about an hour that night, just walking about and getting used to it, since this was the first con I actually had a full suit on. I think I did well! Oh and met my other room mate and made the best door sign eva!! ^.^

Oh and you jackasses that stole Jase's and Ayulf's door sign need to return those to me, and find a way to do so quickly. That wasn't nice at all. We worked hard on those signs!
The Valentine's Day dance was something to remember. I had a wonderful time at it, dancing with my sweet Shippy and one of the bestest friends of all time. <3 Happy V-day Indeed.

Anyways, I got up slightly early to go to opening ceremonies.. after that I went to Ruby Tuesdays with Husky to meet Dark Prime, Jezza and Lucky Wolf. Good times and laughter there. In between  that I was mostly suitnng off and on, taking plenty of breaks and all that. I did go through the inflatable thing. That was fun but with my suit the way it is, I was scared it was gonna rip if I played more than once. It was fun watching the others play though. The Furry Girl Pow Wow was intensely interesting. For those of you that I met there, thanks for coming! I flet SO alone last year and this year it was nice to glance around and see more things with Vaginas. lol
Jasie (Mini Jase, Jase with Boobs, whatever you called me) made another appearance Friday night. (And I need pictures of that if you have it!) She played about at the Critical Fail performance for a bit and pranced around the floor for a  bit. Beetlejuice made it extremely fun, having a mini dance off in the hall way and everything. hehe! After that, Zero Dog and I headed to the Bar and Grill (me in suit) and took some really cute and hilarious pictures. Good times good times. Hehe the dances were fun, and it was weird being back in Kaiya after that. xD LV suits are the fucking BOMB to wear. lol

Yay for the fursuit parade first of all. SOOO many of us. Oh and can I PLEASE ask that we aren't made to stand on the stairs for so long? The breeze was nice but not all of us have much room to take in air. Thanks.
Peaches and Rebelcat, thank you for being at the Dealers Den so I could come by and see you and have some awesome people to hang out with more often! ^.^ I was wonderful hanging out again and thanks for the tarot reading RK. <3
I missed the fondue social! I went by in suit and was offered some, they even set some aside for me to come back and get but alas I got caught up with suiting and all I didn't remmeber it until it was over. I'm sure it was great though.
Heh.. and yay for the dance competition. I didn't win nor was I expecting to but I had fun nonetheless backstage hanging out with the rest of the competitors. Foxglove, Neopantyger, and Duke FTW!!

Meh.. It was winding down at this point. Hung out with as many of my friends as I could and all.
Oh and the Happy Buddha tradition lives on! Thanks again for the memories and the fantastic time. You all know who you are and a VERY warm thank you to the staff of the place, who got a very well earned furry applause before we left. Great job guys.

Oh the sad goodbyes, but yay for one last dinner before getting on the road again.

Well there you have it or as much as I can remember at the moment.
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Just an idea for next year

I know that the dealers room was pay per table (which I wish there had been more table space in there as well), but I had a thought that might improve things next year: Have a bigger artist ally and make part of the tables pay per table (make them cheaper than the dealers room but still have some that people can reserve for the whole weekend) while leaving some first come, first served.

Even though I was able to find space only because I got up super early to make sure I got down there before 9, I know a lot of other artists who came down had to rush to find spots and then some were unable to find any space what so ever. Just a thought that might be useful for next year if staff are looking for ideas of areas that need some improvement.

And by no means am I griping about this, I just thought it was a tad on the small side and people could benefit from a larger space (and maybe being able to make sure they have a table, instead of having to try and beat everyone else down there in time to find a spot, or just staying up all weekend long to make sure they could keep their original spot).
Artie Plush

FWA Con Report!

Crossposted from my own Journal, and to appear momenatily on my FA journal

Cut to save space, as it's a little lengthyCollapse )

So, for all of you who read though it, thanks for taking the time! Just to wrap things up, so quick shout outs: Risu, Flain, Scry, Puc, Zim, Mattias, Dagucoon, Zuurgen, Talka, Neko, Hazzard, Allon, and anyone else I met or hung out with: This was a Triumph. I'm making a note here: EPIC WIN! I had an awesome time. Here's for FWA '08! Can't wait for '09, FWOOO~~!!!

~*Artamis Snowpaw*~
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