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A statement on G4’s filming at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2011

We understand that there have been some concerns raised by Furry Weekend Atlanta allowing G4 to film at the convention this year.

The nature of the story G4 was intending to cover at the convention was fursuiting and fursuit games. They shot hours of footage featuring nothing but fursuiters, primarily in a private shoot that took place on Saturday afternoon, and a total of about 30 minutes of footage elsewhere in the convention meant to be “B” roll footage, used in gaps or to set the mood. It is not the primary purpose of the shoot, so if there are any uses of that footage at all should be incidental to the main purpose of their coverage. This was not a general “furry convention” piece, but a piece specifically targeted at the activities of fursuiters.

Attack of the Show has, in previous coverage of the fandom in Georgia, been entirely fair with us and pleasant to work with when they covered the Furries vs. Klingons bowling tournament in 2007 ( Their staff has also stated that everyone they encountered at Furry Weekend Atlanta was pleasant and easy to work with and that they had a fantastic time.

Furry Weekend Atlanta has, since its very inception, prided itself on being a fan-focused convention. We place our hospitality to our guests as our highest purpose. But as the fandom grows, we have been fielding more and more requests from media. We have turned down over 100 requests over the years by carefully screening for the appropriate venues to represent ourselves. This is the first media outlet we have allowed into the convention in eight years. We would not purposely do anything to endanger the trust all of our fans place in us.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at
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