Katalina (paradiseforlorn) wrote in furryweekend,

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Looking for a ride to FWA

Hey guys!

Due to an unforseen accident with a friend of ours who was our ride we are finding that :IconJTigerclaw: and I are in need of a ride to FWA.[our friend is fine thank goodness! :) ] We live in the Charlotte area [will give addy in Note] We would be going from Thursday to Monday.
We are both suiters, so we'll both have a smallish tote each, a guitar, a small table fan and a few odds and ends i'm sure. But we will try to pack as lightly as possible.
Of course we would pitch in for gas and parking.

So if you, or anyone you know could give a ride to a couple of kitties? That would be Great!

Thanks :)

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