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MLP meet up and sing along

As most of you know FWA is right about the corner and that means that a lot will be going on that weekend.  Among other things, FWA has it's number of attendees that fall under the brony category.   As we all know, 11 year old Michael Morones is in the hospital holding on for his life.   This is all due to bullying because he likes Pinkie Pie and the show.

So what I was planning on doing was thinking of having a meet up where all of us bronies come together and sing songs from the show.  Even further, I most recently started my own video blog series.  One of the areas that I like to cover is all things MLP.  So I thought we could come together and cover

1. The effects of bullying
2.We sing songs
3. Show off artwork
4. Maybe have a talent show

If you are interested, please, please, me via furry affinity @ Summershy

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